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Fleeing the scene of a murder, David (Tequan Richmond) drives north, attempting to get as far as away possible. He ends up in a small, frozen town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and reluctantly becomes absorbed into the town. Soon after, criminals involved in the murder track David down bringing violence and chaos to this town in Nowhere, Michigan. The colorful locals of this small town become integrally woven into David’s life. Madison (Jenna Boyd), a pregnant bartender with a rough past and hard nosed attitude; April (Christina Scherer), a girl-next-door waitress who can barely conceive of a world outside her hometown; Martin (Richard Riehle), an older, gruff ice fisherman who is deeply suspicious of David; and Erin (Ashlie Atkinson), a local drug dealer who befriends David but gets caught in the crosshairs when his past catches up with him. Nowhere, Michigan is an independent crime thriller comedy Directed by Robert Vornkahl and Produced by Andrew Beguin and Molly Beitchman.

Nowhere, Michigan premiered at the NYC Independent Film Festival in 2017. Since it’s premiere the film has played at a number of film festivals across the country. It has won 4 BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE awards at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, The Lake George Film Festival, The Miami Independent Film Festival and The Frostbite Film Festival. It has also won BEST CRIME DRAMA at The International Indie Gathering Film Festival. At our first Michigan film festival, the Threadbare Mitten Film Festival in Charlotte, Michigan; Nowhere, Michigan won the coveted audience award- The Michigan Masterpiece. In addition to it’s overall awards, Tequan Richmond won Best Actor at the Chain NYC Film Festival and Jenna Boyd has won Best Actress at the CineOdyssey Film Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with Both of them winning Best Actor/Actress at the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia.  Brian Harnick has won three awards for Best Cinematography at the Peekskill Film Festival, The Chain NYC Film Festival and Reel East Texas Film Festival. Most recently Robert has won Best Director at the First Glance Film Festival as well.

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